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Vlogging Write For Us Vlogging Write For Us is the abbreviated version of a video blog. A vlog is a video and a vlog is the process of recording a vlog. The popularity of vlogging has grown exponentially in recent years and continues to grow at an excessive rate.

This growing popularity may be because the equipment needed to produce vlogs has become cheaper and more accessible to many people. Anyone with a video camera and an internet connection can create a vlog and post it. As a result, becoming a vlogger has become extremely easy.

Unlike TV, vloggers don’t create content just to make money. Vlogging allows ordinary people to share their opinions on any topic that interests them.


YouTube is currently the most important platform for sharing videos online. The popularity of vlogging in the Spanish-speaking community on YouTube has grown significantly in recent years. Today, hundreds of vloggers are part of the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to earn money by vlogging. Many Spanish vloggers have managed to turn their YouTube channels into very profitable professions, and even the most popular vloggers in Spain have become millionaires.

Types of Vlogs

A vlog can be as simple as a video documenting a person’s life, but it can also be about a particular topic, like a hobby. Vlogging can be both entertaining and educational. The main purpose of a vlog is to communicate, on a personal level, with a large audience.

Sometimes the term vlog is used in conjunction with a word that expresses its frequency, such as daily (daily) or weekly (weekly).

Some of the most recurring topics in vlogs are tutorials, sports, tech reviews, or makeup tips.

Guinness record

As of August 23, 2016, the world record for consecutive days vlogging is held by the American vlogger Charles Trippy, with 2670 daily vlogs in a row.

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