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DVD Write For UsDVD Write For Us A DVD is an optical disc for the digital storage of images, sounds and data, with a capacity greater than that of a compact disc or CD. DVD is the condensation for Digital Versatile Disc, an English expression that we can translate as “digital versatile disc”.

DVD was first introduced to the market in 1995, specifically designed as a video medium to replace VHS. Therefore, originally, the initials corresponded to the term digital video disc.

The advantages of DVDs as a storage device for all kinds of digital data were quickly understood and exploited. Leading to the development of different types of DVDs depending on user needs.

DVD General Features

  • It has a standard measurement of 120 mm in diameter.
  • The capacity of a DVD varies from a minimum of 4.7 GB to 17.1 GB. Your signal is digital.
  • As a read/write mechanism, it requires the red laser.
  • This allows us to record information with better quality.
  •  A DVD stores a lot more information than a CD.

DVD Features

Originally, DVDs were designed for the transmission of high-quality audiovisual images. As we said, it competed with VHS cassettes, which have now disappeared from the market.
However, its development has allowed various uses. Such as video and audio storage, interactive applications, software support, backup or backup management, etc.
DVD, which can stand for Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. Is the next generation of optical disc storage technology. Technically, DVD is a mass data storage device that has the same shape as a CD, but it contains up to 15 times more information and can transmit it to the computer up to 20 times faster than a CD-ROM.

DVD FeaturesIt’s essentially a faster, more capable CD that can store theater-quality video and higher-quality sound than CD, as well as computer data. DVD attempts to encompass home entertainment, computers, and business information in a single digital format, eventually replacing audio CDs, video tapes, laser discs, CD-ROMs, and video game cartridges.

The DVD was born as a response to one of the greatest demands of the computer industry in recent times: storage capacity. And another requirement for the multimedia entertainment market to reach unsuspected limits: a notable improvement in video. DVD promises to transport the user to another dimension of the multimedia experience by making possible a definition never before known in digital video.

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