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Movies Write For Us

Entertainment Weekly Updates

Movies Write For Us

Movies Write For Us

Movies Write For Us – A movie is a continuous stream of visuals combined with moving graphics, photos, or text for entertainment, education, or other purposes. This phrase is frequently used to refer to media that is longer than ten minutes and that you might view at home or in a theatre. Whereas video refers to brief internet clips or files, check the video definition for more details and an online sample.

You need a movie player programme that supports the video file you’re trying to play in order to play a movie file on your computer. For instance, the built-in Windows Media Player and VLC are both compatible with Windows as movie players (that also works on other platforms).

Benefits Of Watching Movies

Even if on-demand entertainment is now widely available thanks to streaming services, going to the movies with friends is still a common routine for many of us.

In fact, if you’re like the majority of Australians, you’re going to the movies more frequently now than you were 10yrs ago.

We’re not only successful to the movie more frequently. We still have the same level of interest in film culture. According to Google Trends statistics, searches for “Oscars nominations” online have nearly doubled over the last ten years.

Why do we still enjoy watching movies? And do we learn anything deeper from the movies we watch, or is it just about being entertained?

According to the five experts whose opinions were sought for this part, going to the cinemas is about more than just letting your hair down and laughing. Additionally, seeing a movie may teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world while allowing us to appreciate art in a format that is more convenient for most of us than a gallery.

Movies help us learn

Watching movies may teach us a lot about particular historical periods or particular interpretations of historical periods, according to Adrian Danks, lecturer and assistant dean of media at RMIT University’s School of Media and Communication.

In other words, irrespective of the time period they are set in, movies have the power to influence how we interpret the society we live in now.

For instance, the Oscar-nominated film BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee, about a black police officer who joins the local KKK, utilises footage from Trump-era rallies at the end to present the movie as a reflection on modern politics.

The movie is obviously set in the 1970s, but Dr. Danks claims that it is able to tie some of those concerns or relationships to present events.

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