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What is Pinterest and How to Use It?

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Pinterest is a social network on the order of the day since, in addition to allowing people to discover, organize and share images and videos that are of interest for some reason. It is becoming a great place for professionals where they quickly show their products or services.

Tips on How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an international network that is ahead of us in other countries. Well, because it can be used for different purposes from a great image bank for anyone who is curious or who likes photography to the sale and promotion of products or services by companies. Therefore, whether you are an experienced user or a notice who is just beginning to know it. Here I offer you seven handy tips to learn how to use Pinterest and get it ready for your future on the network.

Take Care of the Aesthetics and Positioning of your Images

You must take care of the design and quality of your images since what do you think your number of followers will depend on. In addition, the text of the photos or videos that you share is also essential. So try to add a brief title with keywords to achieve better positioning. On the network and create it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Create Good Boards

As well as having good images and videos. It would help if you created boards that do not give a feeling of abandonment and neglect. It can be very useful to group your boards into more general categories and collaborate on group boards. But on the other hand, beware, do not go overboard with the extension. If one of your boards is getting too big and out of control. Move images and thus avoid it being boring for anyone curious to visit it.

Locate Your Images

When you create a board, you can check the map option so that the location is added to your images or videos. Which can be very attractive to your followers by obtaining much more information about what they are seeing.

Be Active

Pinterest is a very live network, so you need to constantly update and interact with other users. Whether they are supporters or not. If you are a company, it is an excellent tool for Ecommerce since you can promote or sell your products and offers more visually to increase your results quickly.

Link Your Account with Other Social Networks

Linking your Pinterest profile with the rest of your social networks. Such as Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook, can be very useful, especially if you have a company profile and want to gain as much dishonour as possible within the world of Social Media by acquiring more followers and users interested in your publications. But be especially careful because each social network can have specific uses. Think very carefully about what you will share in both and that it will serve you to achieve your goals.

Create a Secret Board for Private Images

How to use Pinterest when sharing images? There are different methods to do it, but one is to set up secret or private boards that only you and the persons you invite can access. What can you use them for? For example, it is highly recommended to make plans that you want to keep private or in the business case as a marketing strategy if you are creating a new product or service since you can adjust the images and videos until finally making it public.

Use your Account Statistics

Do you have a company profile and do not know how to obtain valuable data about your account on this social network? Pinterest has an   Analytics tool that shows you all your activities quickly. It allows you to know your new followers to see the reach of your images or what elements are what users save the most. Use it. It will be precious for you to obtain data from your target audience and to be able to start focusing your account more on them.

And now, you may be wondering how to use Pinterest with this tool? Well, it’s straightforward, you have to go to the Pinterest Business page. And you’ll find it quickly in the tools section.


Pinterest is an image distribution and social media service planned to enable the saving and discovery of data. On the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos in the form of pinboards.

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