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Television Networks – Definition, Examples, and More

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Many humans think that Fox is the fourth television network to hit T.V. displays inside the U.S., after the first huge three: NBC, ABC, and CBS. But did you already know there was another tv community that fashioned and folded before Fox ever got here alongside?

In this lesson, you’ll discover what that network turned into the call. But first, let’s define tv networks and syndication, and pass over a few other thrilling tidbits related to those networks.

Television Networks: Definition

Television Networks: There are a couple of ways to outline the period’ television community.’ To maintain things simple, we will describe a tv community as an entertainment distribution net composed of tv stations.

There are several television networks within the U.S., consisting of CBS, NBC, and ABC. All 3 of these organizations are tv networks, and all of them additionally have television stations in unique parts of the USA.

Examples of Television Networks

For instance, the CBS television network has well over two dozen T.V. stations across you. S ., which include WLNY-TV in New York and WPSG-TV in Philadelphia.


The cause of a television network is to offer the web of tv stations with a relevant operator that acquires or produces exciting content material. This imperative operator then feeds every station with numerous applications and indicates.

Let’s retain with our CBS example. The CBS tv community has an arm referred to as CBS Entertainment. CBS Entertainment develops or acquires programming and then schedules and distributes it throughout stations like WLNY-TV and WPSG-TV in the course of the U.S.

What are the 4 Forms of Television Broadcasting?

Television Networks

Types of T.V. Broadcasting

  • Terrestrial television.
  • Closed-circuit tv.
  • Outside broadcasting.
  • Direct broadcast satellite tv for pc (DBS)

Broadcast Syndication

Not all the suggestions evolved or obtained via CBS, or another T.V. community, are shown totally on the T.V. stations that are a part of the network. In truth, there’s a period for the opportunity that a number of these programs may prove on stations outdoor in their domestic community. It’s called broadcast syndication. Specifically, broadcast syndication promotes the rights to show a selected application.

For instance, the famous American game show Jeopardy! It is currently disburse by an arm of CBS called CBS Television Distribution, which syndicates it to numerous channels across the U.S, including those that

It means that an application can show this is part of a large community on a television station. However, the local station obtains the rights to the content, which then chooses to air this system.

It is why Jeopardy! It can be on an NBC station in one city but on an ABC station in any other (with unique time slots).

The History of Television Networks

The history of tv networks in the U.S. Goes returned to the mid-twentieth century.

The most extensive unique T.V. networks undoubtedly arose from pre-existing radio networks and got here to existence around 1940. The first T.V. networks had been NBC and CBS – NBC fashioned in 1939, and CBS started to expand its community in 1941.

What is the Distinction Among a T.V. Channel and a T.V. Community?

A tv community is a nationally-broadcast outlet, like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and numerous cable networks.

A tv channel is an assigned associate/quantity for every network in a market, like WABC 7, WNBC 4, WCBS 2, and WNYW 5. In some instances, cable/satellite operators assign higher-degree channel slots to better-numbered channels. For example, in my marketplace, WGNT 27 is positioned on Cox Cable channel 7.

You didn’t ask; however, I’ll explain that a subchannel is an over-the-air secondary channel assigned to another community. Some examples of traditional subchannels are Antenna TV, Me-TV, LAFF, Grit, Retro-TV, and Qubo. In a few markets, maximum drastically Wilmington, North Carolina, one of the traditional “Big-four” networks, maybe a subchannel of another one. WWAY perhaps that marketplace’s ABC and CBS affiliate.



The impact of tv has been enormous, and it has affected nearly all factors of our social lifestyles. Moreover, tv has now emerged as one of the most potent mediums for raising focus, especially the various students. The speedy modifications in television have overshadowed the print media and radio.



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