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Great Movies that Collapsed at the Box Office

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Movies that collapsed at the box office do not mean that it is good, in the same way, that a failure does not mean that it is a waste of time; sometimes, it does coincide that there is a correlation between the two events. But other times there is not, and then I am going to review great films that failed during their time in theatres.

I have tried to make the selection of titles as varied as possible, both in terms of their genres. And the available budget -the cheapest tape included cost 20 million dollars, very little compared to 250 for the most expensive

Almost Impossible

The romantic comedy was a goldmine for Hollywood in recent years, but it has lost interest in it lately. Suppose different, fun, charming and more adult-oriented proposals like the one we are dealing with fail -it cost 40 million dollars and did not even raise 54-. In that case, it is understood that the destiny of this subgenre has ended up being the platforms streaming in general and Netflix in particular.

The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

Shane Black had little more than a blank check after the success of ‘Iron Man 3’ and decided to take advantage of it to carry out a hilarious comedy that brought back buddy movies based on the incredible chemistry shared by the great Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, the public did not answer since its income was 62 million dollars when it had cost 50.

Where The Monsters Live

Much was expected from this adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s children’s book by Spike Jonze. I know I’m not the only one who enjoyed Max’s cathartic journey into the fantastical in a compelling work, both visually and emotionally. That was not enough to succeed because it cost 100 million, exactly what it grossed in theatres.

‘The Dilemma’ (‘The Insider’)

From the moment of its release, a prestigious film with a very inspired Michael Mann in the staging and some great Al Pacino and Russell Crowe leading the cast. In addition, it tackled a fascinating subject, but the viewers turned their backs on it: 60 million dollars in worldwide revenue when it had cost 90.

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

Warner seemed to have made the century’s move by getting James Gunn to relaunch this group of peculiar characters. His hallmark is there, and the film is a top hobby that, yes, he wants to be excellent at all costs, but there’s nothing wrong with that when you get it. Everything indicates that its simultaneous premiere on HBO Max played against it, but its failure in theatres is indisputable since it cost 185 million and entered only 167.

The Iron Giant

Today, Brad Bird’s first feature film is rightly consider a jewel of animated cinema. Still, at the time, it was a colossal failure – it cost 50 million dollars and barely grossed 31 – and one of the reasons why Warner end up moving away from animated cinema for a while shortly after.

Children Of Men

Children Of Men

Probably the best knowledge fiction movie of the first era of the 21st century. A sensational and bleak dystopia with a first-rate technical finish -look at the sequence shots. An immersive staging, a script to match and a dedicated cast. Nothing fails here except its disastrous box office, as it cost 76 million dollars and raised just 70.

Kubo And The Two Magic Strings

An essential animated film with an exclusive and extraordinary visual look. Laika took everything good that she had exposed in previous works to another level. Without fear of the opportunity that the general public would not connect with her. Unfortunately, that was the case since its making cost was 60 million dollars, and it entered an insufficient 77.

The Lone Ranger

A film crushed repeatedly before its release, to the point that it seemed doomed in advance to hit the box office. Indeed, its high budget weighed too much since it cost about 250 million dollars and earned only 260. It is a pity because it started with energy, it always worked as entertainment, and its last act was sublime.

Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon

Jim Carrey had shown that he could continue to connect with the public in a more dramatic role. Thanks to ‘The Truman Show’, but he did not have the same luck when he became Andy Kaufman in this excellent biopic signed by Milos Forman. His budget varies according to the sources, ranging between 42 and 82 million dollars. But it would be a failure in any case since he barely amassed 47 million.


A hilarious comedy from The Lonely Island that laughs with style, wit and bad blood at the music world. Here there are sticks for everyone, helmet gags and a vast gallery of cameos that contribute. Instead of being there to have one more famous face. It was ignored at its premiere, failing to make $10 million at the box office when it cost $20.

The Master

It cannot be said that Paul Thomas Anderson’s cinema has never broken the box office. Alternating throughout his career titles that work more or less. Well with others that, at least during their time in theatres, reported losses. For example, this marvelled by Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman settled for a box office of 28 million dollars when it had cost 32.



Many remark it as one of the finest movies with Tom Hardy, which is logical since this portrait of estranged. Brothers who end up facing each other in a wrestling ring is a compelling drama. That leaves its mark on the viewer. Of course, not many did it in theatres since it cost 25 million and raised just over 23.



David Fincher had previously played with ‘Fight Club’ -101 million admitted against 63 cost. But not in such a spectacular way as in this ambitious film about the legendary Zodiac killer. He demonstrated his mastery and exactness as a director. That did not prevent his failure at the box office since his budget was estimate at 85 million dollars, and at the box office, he had to settle for 84.

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