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The Trends in Social Networks – 2022

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Trends in Social networks have become a fundamental pillar of digital marketing. It isn’t easy to find a marketing strategy that does not include social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). However, for social networks to be effective and the system implemented to be solid, it is vital to know the factors that will shape these platforms during 2022 and the trends in social networks.

Common Mistakes Companies Make on Social Media

Use Very Formal Language

Bet on a close and friendly language! Formal language separates you from your audience. Social networks serve, among many other things, to keep you close to your audience and your public. For this reason, it is counterproductive to use formal language. For this there are other platforms such as email.

Poorly Optimized Profile

The profile must be careful and well optimized. It is your showcase, the way your target audience has of knowing you. We still see many companies that do not take care of their profile photos, cover photos, and the quality of the content they share. Keep in mind that the audience often goes to social networks to consult all the company’s institutional information, so take care of it carefully. Detail so as not to give a bad image.

Think It’s Free

Many companies think that social networks are accessible. It is just a popular misconception. The only thing that is free on social media is signing up. Any advertisement you want to make, or promotion has a cost, just like any professional who implements a social media strategy will charge you for the service.

Not Having a Plan

Not having a plan, that is, not having a strategy to promote your brand, products, services, etc., on social networks is a grave mistake. Without a plan, nothing will go right. Think, why are you on social networks? What image do you want to convey? What is your goal? Answer all those questions in your plan and also work out good timing.

Just Focus on the Sale

Do not focus only on selling your products or services. Your followers can get tired if you only focus on selling on your social networks. Try to combine the sale with the content of interest to them, with publications about your company philosophy, showing the daily life of the workers.

Main Trends in Social Media for 2022

Social Selling

In recent years, Social Selling has grown a lot, promoting electronic commerce within social networks. It, without a doubt, marks the future and trends of social media since it helps users of social networks not have to leave a platform to make a purchase. And not only this. From 2022 we will see how different social networks launch new e-commerce functions so that companies can sell their products, such as Instagram Shopping did .

Audiovisual Content

Audiovisual content will continue to top the main trends in social networks in 2022. Some experts already predict that about 80% of our content will be video in the coming years. The main reason tape is positioned as one of the significant trends is that the following audiovisual content is much more attractive. Today, it is easy to do it with medium and high-quality smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is positioned as another of the main trends in social networks. How will artificial intelligence be introduced into social networks? The development of Artificial Intelligence will allow companies to attend immediately and simultaneously to all users who wish to contact the company, thus improving customer service and the company’s image. Chatbots will offer a more personalized and, at the same time, automated experience for the audience, facilitating the approximation between potential clients and the company.

Instant Messaging Advertising

Instant messaging advertising is position as a relevant trend. Even the most popular social apps like WhatsApp do not stop studying how to incorporate advertising on these platforms to maintain user privacy.

There is no doubt that advertising on this type of platform, as long as it is well-orchestrate, is an excellent opportunity for companies who can take advantage of it to maintain direct contact with their potential target and promote products and services of interest them.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality will finally take off on social networks. The social network Facebook has announced that it will launch Horizon next year, a virtual universe in which different users can perform multiple actions using their virtual reality glasses.

Social Welfare

Social welfare is an issue that matters more every day in our society. Many companies have committed to consumers to support social well-being and mental health, the latter being greatly affect by the constant and massive use of social networks. Therefore, more companies are committed to offering less content every day but of higher quality.


important figures in the world of social networks are expect to occupy an important place micro-influencers and virtual influencers. Virtual influencers are humanoids who are succeeding in social networks.

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