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Guest Blogging: What is It and What is It Used?

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Guest blogging is a prevalent technique in the world of marketing. When writing content, it is important to have a strategy and know why we write, who we are targeting or what content we can create. The guest post, or guest article, is a strategy to follow to increase traffic to our page and thus improve results.

What is a Guest Post?

What Is A Guest Post

We talk about the guest post when we refer to the text published on a blog as a guest author. That is, there is a change of content between two collaborators. In this way, both the benefit and the reader will access quality, valuable and original texts.

We can say that guest blogging is an Inbound Marketing tool that improves disseminating of information of interest to current users and potential users.

To achieve greater visibility, it is essential to increase the number of platforms on which the name of our company appears. Without a doubt, this practice will help us at the SEO level, and this can be achieved through guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging for?

It is essential to generate content on platforms other than ours. Suppose we develop content outside, as a guest on a reference blog or a prominent page in the sector. It will help us achieve greater visibility and attract new users to our channels, also helping us at an SEO level.

It is essential to know that if we act as guest bloggers, we have to write original and exciting content for users, dedicating more effort to the posts that we write as a guest.

To add value to users, the content in each paragraph has to be of quality. We can’t include links indiscriminately in the range because interest will drop off abruptly and your brand authority will diminish. If we have links that add value, they can be added but always in drops.

Users today are saturated with information. Therefore, we must make ourselves known and provide added and differential value. Although this can be tricky, you can achieve this by adding content such as images, and videos, correct HTML formatting and talking about topics you know.

Then, we can say that guest blogging is helpful in multiple aspects.

To-Do Branding

Thanks to guest blogging, we become experts in the eyes of our target audience. Thus, our brand is also reinforced and benefits.

To Generate Networking

We increase relationships with bloggers, influencers, and other companies with guest blogging. By establishing relationships with companies that complement us, win-win deals can flow.

To Get Traffic

Since the posts are published on a page, we benefit from your traffic. If a blogger or representative company of a sector publishes your post, it is a recommendation for their community, making their users read your post.

To Increase SEO

When posting on a third person’s blog, we are free to link to things we feel are essential.

Although it is recommended not to abuse this aspect because Google can penalize your page. You will need to be vigilant and careful when linking to content

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most common ways to enrich a blog. With this type of strategy, the advantages are not only for those who receive the post but also for those who write it.

The guest blogger benefits from writing a guest post on a blog that is not their own for several reasons. First of all, it increases his visibility and professional relationships because he can talk about topics that he doesn’t usually cover and generate links to his blog.

On the other hand, the blog gains different content and the option of being able to attract new users.

Of course, it is essential to carry out guest blogging in the correct way so that your website does not receive any penalty. For example, we can have a referral marketing website link to us with the benefit that comes with it.

Advantages of Guest Blogging for the Blogger

  • Excellent relationships are built with other bloggers
  • exposure is higher
  • The brand is strengthened, both professionally and personally
  • Promote collaborative feedback
  • Attract followers on social media profiles
  • Improve writing skills
  • Leads are obtained

Advantages of Guest Blogging for the Blog

  • Original content offered more regularly
  • More variety of topics and content is published
  • Building relationships with other bloggers
  • The number of readers and traffic increases
  • Capture more audience diversity
  • Increase followers on social media

How to Guest Blog

To do guest blogging, you have to consider a series of aspects so that your article is successful. We tell you how you can put this strategy into practice step by step. Find the blog pages with which you can collaborate

Finding blogs to partner with is essential. If you create a spreadsheet with data such as the blog name, address, domain, and name and contact, you can have all the necessary information about it.

The blogs with which you collaborate will have to be of a similar or complementary theme to yours so that they share an audience or target audience.

You can also use implements like SEMrush to search for keywords and select those sites that may be relevant to your company and your audience.

On the other hand, you can identify the authority of the domains of those blogs that you have selected to collaborate with them. In this way, you can avoid sites with low power because they can harm your website.


Guest Blogging is a common practice among bloggers, in which you participate as a guest in someone else ‘s blog. Blogging is another Inbound Marketing tool that helps us (among other things) to spread information of interest to both our users and potential users.

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