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Meet Javaughn J.Porter – Blueface & Jaidyn Alexis’ Son

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American rapper Javaughn J.Porter  Blueface, Jonathan Michael Porter, has a son named Javaughn J.Porter . Top musicians like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Scott Storch, and more already work with Blueface. You can discover everything you need about the rapper’s son here.

Javaughn J. Porter Age, Parents

In 2017 in Los Angeles, California, United States, Javaaughn J. Porter was born. Every year, on April 28, he parties his birthday; in 2021, he will be four years old.

Javaughn J. Porter Age, Parents

Her mother is Jaidyn Alexis, a beautiful skincare line manager, and her father is Johnathan Michael Porter, a musician who performs as a singer, rapper, and songwriter. When his son was born, he created a unique song called Deadlocs and got his baby’s name tattooed on his right forearm.



Javaughn J.Porter only has one sister, Jaidyn Alexis, as of now. However, her father has a younger step-sister named Kali Miller and an older brother sentenced to 13 years in prison for accidentally killing someone. That the rapper kicked her sister out in 2019 is incredibly upsetting.

A current Blue face video that appears to show women asleep on bunk beds has gone viral. He guided women to get tattoos or permission on his reality show, making headlines for days. However, the rapper disputes the information and claims he did not break any laws.


Javaughn J. Porter Family?

Javaaughn J. Porter, 6, is an American celebrity, the son of rapper Blueface and his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis.

Jaidyn Alexis is a skin care and esthetician who started dating the famous American rapper Blueface.

Javaaughn J. Porter was born out of wedlock after Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis dated for a while before welcoming him back in 2017.

Javaaughn J. Porter loves her very much. When he was born, Blueface and Alexis posted a photo of the handsome boy together. The couple often post photos of Javaaughn J. Porter on Instagram.

More importantly, Blueface got Javaughn J. Porter’s name tattooed on his right hand and released a song, Dreadlocks, for his son.

Javaughn J. Porter Net Worth

Since Javaughn J.Porter is still young, his net worth will likely be below $10,000 by 2021. It’s safe to assume he can buy and treat lots of candy, and when he reaches adolescence, he can also purchase his favorite games.

Who is Blueface’s Baby Mama?

Blueface is not married. However, he is in a relationship with Jaidyn Alexis, with whom he has two children, Javaaughn J. Porter, and Journey Alexis Porter.

How Many Kids Does Blueface Have?

The 25-year-old rapper has two children, a son, and a daughter. His names are Javaaughn J. Porter (2017) and Journey Alexis Porter (2022)

Blueface Children: Meet Javaughn J. Porter

Javaaughn J. Porter is best known for being the first son of Johnathan Michael Porter, also known as Blue face. He was born on Saturday, April 28, 2018. J. Porter’s mother is known as Jaidyn Alexis.

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