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How to Get the Cheapest Mobile Plans

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With ever increasing costs of living, more people are opting for cheaper mobile plans, and for some this transition can be difficult than for others. This difficulty arises from the fact that some are on contract based plans and they have to wait till their contract expires before they can shift to a cheaper plan. However, if you are about to select a new plan, either as a beginner or after a long stint in a more expensive plan, then this is the right guide for you.

Characteristics Of Cheapest Mobile Plans

Cheap mobile plans doesn’t just mean lower tariffs, it basically means selecting the right criteria to reduce your overall mobile spend. Therefore a cheap mobile phone plan is one that allows you to make calls cheaper while also not bogging you down with expensive monthly premiums just because you signed off on a contract for an expensive mobile phone. Roaming charges also affect your overall mobile spend and therefore a plan that allows you to roam without a significant increase in costs will be a lot better for you.

How to Select a Cheap Phone

A mobile phone plan will typically come with a mobile phone and most carriers offer the latest mobile phones in their advertising. This can be confusing for beginners since the glitzy ads can be tempting, making you think that a new phone will offer significantly better mobile experience. The reality is that you don’t need the latest mobile phone and simply selecting a phone from 2 or 3 years back can significantly lower your monthly costs and you can still enjoy the services of a new, albeit not latest phone model.

Another trick is to go for a sim only plan if you already have a great phone. Selecting a mobile phone that is off plan may require some bit of research but you can find cheap, used phones on sites such as e-bay, or wait for Black Friday for the ultimate deals on gadgets. Thereafter, you can select a sim-only plan or a mobile prepaid plan without the option for a mobile phone.

Which Is The Best Mobile Plan For Travelers?

Travelers have unique needs and challenges and therefore the choice of mobile phone plans will definitely affect their monthly spend. When travelling to a country like Australia, simply searching for mobile plans Australia may not yield the right results for you. You need to do an in-depth research on the roaming charges depending on the areas you intend to visit. This is crucial since its difficult to estimate your roaming charges if you are a foreigner. Some travel agents will do the research for you and you may be lucky to find that your current mobile carrier already has coverage agreements with local carriers to reduce roaming charges.


The purpose of a mobile plan is to help you plan your mobile phone resources and therefore you should focus more on how much data or minutes you spend rather than on the mobile phone you want.

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