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Century Cinema 16 mountain view CA needs to know Showtimes

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What is century cinema 16 Theater Century Cinema is a cinema technology developed by CJ 4DPlex, a subsidiary of the South Korean cinema chain CJ CGV. It is based on next-generation four-dimensional technology that transcends the screen and sound effects to deliver an immersive movie-watching experience for viewers. So what does this entail? The so-called “useful effects support it,” that is, walking on a chair, moving snow/rain/foam, smells, lightning, wind, etc. century cinema, movies are combined with 3D (with glasses) or 2D (without drinks).

CJ introduced this technology commercially in 2009. Therefore, the technology is more than ten years old. It has licensed this technology to almost every cinema chain in the world. It is available in more than 60 countries and has nearly 700 rooms. In India, PVR and Cinepolis got the license.

century cinema 16 Theater Features

The idea behind this technology is to make the viewers feel they are part of the plan. Therefore, Cinema century cinema has the following features:

Adjustable chair (up and down; left and right; forward and backward)

  • foot tickler
  • Back pain
  • the face of the wind
  • sprinkler water
  • The smell
  • A bubble
  • Fog
  • The wind
  • The rain
  • Flash

Watch the film below to understand how all these features are enabled in century cinema 16 movies:

Century Cinema movies can be combined with 3D if the movie supports it and can be viewed with glasses. On the other hand, films can be viewed in 2D.


What is the seating capacity in a century cinema 16 theater?

Century Cinema has approximately 75 seats. As seen in the video above, four chairs joined together to form a block. The seat is divided into 6-7 rows and two sections—one close to the screen and the other slightly further.

“Plush recliner seats”

Any time we discuss show theater seats, we should disclaim that your experience may vary. I know that part of the Cinemark XD experience is the rear seats. Every time I sit in an XD theater, there are upgraded seats and diners. In my experience, these comfortable chairs sit independently of the headrest and footrest.

So, since we can’t speak to every theater in the country, I have to conclude that this seems true.

THX Certified

While most of us focus on screen size and quality, the sound system makes most of today’s theaters different. Century Cinema admitted that “although the pictures are clean, it’s the sound people like the most.”

THX certification is a badge that sets the standard for audio and fidelity in the entertainment experience. So the fact that century cinema is THX certified is a big deal. Now, the size of the value depends on who you ask.

You can search for THX-certified theaters in your area here, and in most places, you’ll find that THX-certified movies are rare. If you live in Los Angeles or New York, you should be able to find other THX-branded theaters. But for most of us in big cities, suburbs, or Central America, century cinema 16 are often the only THX-certified surround theater.

WHAT IS century cinema 16?

Century Cinema is a cutting-edge cinematic technology developed by CJ 4DPLEX that provides an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience. Century Cinema combines the image on the screen with synchronized motion seats and environmental effects such as water, wind, fog, smell, snow, and more to enhance the screen performance. It is the world’s first 4D cinema technology brand for movies, including Hollywood blockbusters, local films, and other content such as music and commercials.


THE INNOVATION OF century cinema 16

A breakthrough in creating a completely different cinematic experience

The film is no longer used on the screen. Century Cinema draws you into the show as if living in its world. We offer the signature effect of many corporate matters. With 21 types of signature effects, century cinema creates a unique environment for movies.

THE MOTIONOLOG OF century cinema 16

Century Cinema 16 mountain view CA needs to know Showtimes

Perfection in translating movies to life Every second counts in the cinematic experience. What matters is how we turn those moments into reality. Providing accurate and wide-motion seating in theaters is our specialty. The century cinema 16 motion seats have a wide range of speed controls and generate enough vibration to deliver a real-time feel and impact.

THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF century cinema 16

Universality among moviegoers around the world

For the first time in the globe, century cinema has commonly spread the trend of 4D cinematic experience in many countries. Since 2009, more than 640 Hollywood blockbusters and local films have been screened in century cinema 16, surpassing 76 million moviegoers.

Fully Immersive & Sophisticated 4D Effects

century cinema offers a multi-sensory experience among 4D cinema models. Our state-of-the-art technology, quality, and unique multi-sensor effects set century cinema 16 apart as an industry leader.

MORE INFORMATION about century cinema 16

Century Cinema 16

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In many cases, the century cinema 16 gives you a new compared to a movie. For ~ $ 2.50, the difference is worth it if you watch a movie or anything based on a special feeling.