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Business intelligence Write – Consists of technologies and strategies useful for businesses for analyzing data and managing business information. His work is process analysis, reporting, dashboard development, analysis, data mining, text mining, process mining, complex event planning, business performance management, text analysis, predictive analysis, and benchmarking. Business intelligence can process large amounts of data and well-structured data. Also, it can identify, create and create plans for business opportunities. It helps to interpret Big Data easily. It also identifies new opportunities that affect the system based on the information provided by companies with market value and helps in making important decisions. Business intelligence is used to support many business decisions, from operational decisions to strategic decisions including pricing or scheduling of products.

This includes decisions, goals and directions at the media level. In any case, business intelligence is more important when it is combined with data from the company’s market, which is external data from internal sources, such as financial data, operations and internal. Combined with external and internal data, it gives us a comprehensive view, which has the effect of creating intelligence that cannot be obtained from a single data collection.

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