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Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder Write For Us is one of those apps that will let you record all the activity on your screen to video. Not so long ago, to record the screen of our terminal, we had to resort to rooting the terminal and installing a function that allowed us to do so. But that is a thing of the historical since with the arrival of Android Lollipop new features appear that allow us to record only by installing an application.

You can get it through Google Play. After searching for it, you can already install it. The application is free to record videos of what is happening on your terminal, but if you want to add sound to the recordings, you will have to get the PRO version.

Cyber Link Screen Recorder 4 provides robust screen capture and video streaming in one simple application. Online gamers and content creators no longer have to juggle multiple apps or services to stream video in multiple streams or capture their desktop screen to post to YouTube or Facebook. Screen Recorder combines the accessible editing features of Power Director. #1 Choice for Video Editors – Featuring responsive, high-quality screen capture and streaming technology, making it the all-in-one solution for video game recording and streaming, vlogging or sharing screen content with an online audience.

Screen Recorder Features

  • Screen Recorder FeaturesThe videos.
  • The app shows where you touch on the screen.
  • If you turn off the screen or shake the terminal, you stop recording.
  • You can use the delay start capture option, which will give you time to get in front of the camera when you want to create a promo video.
  • You can use a watermark while recording (PRO).

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