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r/games is an entertainment and default subreddit for all gaming topics, including video games, board games, and card games. However,  It is now the most extensive gaming subreddit. Its counterpart is r/games.
Rules of r/games

  • Entries must be relevant to the game.
  • Avoid “bandwagons” or direct response messages.
  • Supporting or attempting to commit theft will result in a permanent ban.
  • Spoilers must be mentioned in NSFW posts, comments, and links like this one—no solicitations for products, offers, or exchanges.
  • Contests or items for sale.
  • Keep the source of the content below you, and don’t use URL shorteners.
  • Don’t spam or submit more of your content. No references or affiliate links. No Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, et al. “Reminder” message.
  • Posts and comments, whether mocking or cruel, that consist of racism, sexism, sexist content, etc.,
  • Threats will be deleted, n ‘regardless of their popularity or importance.

AMA Rules:

Posting rules:

  • AMA must come from someone who has worked in the sports industry.
  • AMA should be something you have done, not something you plan to do.
  • Solicitation of money or crowd is prohibited.
  • Social proof is required for all SAs.
  • Donations and contests are not accepted.
  • We don’t make solid clusters.
  • The application status is not allow.


Commenting rules:

  • Ask for nothing or personal favors.
  • Don’t spam the same word or question over and over.
  • A subreddit organizing and voting for a group comment/question is considered voting fraud and is subject to removal. It’s a violation of Reddit’s rules and risks a site-wide ban.
  • As always, comments, whether sweet or cruel, that contain racism, sexism, threatening, or offensive content will be deleted, regardless of popularity or needs.

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About R/games

Firstly, The purpose of /r/Games is to provide a place for discussion, knowledge, and engagement in gaming content. Moreover, Posts should be to convey a message or start a conversation, not just to entertain viewers. Memes, comics, funny screenshots, crafts, etc., will be deleted.

How to use Reddit

When they arrive at the site’s page, users will see a list of posts – a collection of text messages, links, images, and videos. When you log out of the Reddit account, the home is the site’s default subreddits – a list of around 50 topics, including music, videos, stories, and GIFs. However,  After creating an account, users will automatically subscribe to the list of subreddits by default. Users can unsubscribe from any default subreddits they don’t want to see

And they can subscribe to additional subreddits to get a personalized homepage of the content they care about. Users can also remark on posts after creating an account. Moreover,  Comments are one of Reddit’s primary structures, and it’s a way for users to interact, aside from private information. Like posts, comments can be chosen by handlers and add accordingly. However, The answer with the most votes sits at the top of the comment section and is called the top comment.

Reddit corporation information

Firstly, Reddit is similar to Digg, a user-generated social networking site. inaddition,  Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian started Reddit in 2005, and Condé Nast Publications acquired the site in October 2006. Reddit parted ways with Condé Nast in 2011 and now operates under Progressive Publishing. A July 8, 2012  reported that 35 million new users are signing up for Reddit every month.


Some promotional contributions are allow  but these must be balanced with a higher level of non-promotional contributions to reddit – the general rule is that it is no more than 10% which your input can be. support. Do not ask for votes for your posts.

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