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A projector is a device design to capture an image from a video source and project it onto a screen or other surface. Home theater enthusiasts love them for their ability to project movies and TV shows onto a much larger screen than conventional TV. They are use in the corporate environment to project information onto screens large enough to hold rooms full of people.

It can also receive the video signal from an external device, usually a DVD player. Blu-Ray player or computer (and project this signal onto a screen). Therefore, we can see the image represented in the video signal on a small screen inside the projector itself, projected onto a screen by a bright light and a lens. However, the lens is a specially shape piece of glass design to capture the small and noticeably larger image. Additionally, projectors allow users to change various image characteristics, including brightness, sharpness, and color settings, just like a standard TV would.

Uses of Projectors

In the corporate world, projectors are great for business presentations because they allow you to view your work on a screen large enough for hundreds of people to see. Projectors are also available in schools for the same reasons. Home theater enthusiasts also use them because a good projector will display a picture that looks better and more accurately represents the source material than most TVs on the market.


A video projector is a device that receives a video signal to project still or moving images. Although it seems simple, this mechanism brings out multiple characteristics, such as brightness, contrast or resolution. If you want to know them all, how they are measured and which ones to look for when choosing one of these devices according to the use you are going to give it, we advise you to read our guide: Buying a video projector.

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