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OTT (Over-The-Top) Messaging – Definitions, Difference

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Internet OTT

OTT (Over-The-Top) Messaging

Over The Top Messaging describe as immediately messaging offerings or online chat supplied through 0.33 events as an alternative to textual content messaging offerings provided with the aid of a cellular network operator. An example is the Facebook-owned cell software WhatsApp that updates textual content it on Internet-linked smartphones.

What is OTT? What Does OTT Mean?

We’ve set up what SMS and MMS are and how they’re different. But there are other textual content-based  offerings available referred to as OTTs.

OTT stands for over-the-top. OTT means sending and receiving content material (data) over the net, not fashionable provider messaging networks. Over-the-pinnacle means the content material provider or software goes “over the pinnacle” of present net offerings to supply your message or content.

It offerings generally offer instant and online chat offerings. And, They’re an opportunity to provide community SMS and MMS textual content messaging. WhatsApp is an instance of an OTT. And, It replaces textual content on your telephone with its app and its very own messaging provider.

What is SMS? What Does SMS Mean?

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It’s been around for the reason that Eighties, making it one of the oldest messaging technologies. People frequently talk over with SMS as text messaging or texting. All SMS textual content messages are text-most effective. The journey across well-known wi-fi carrier networks assemble as chunks of one hundred sixty characters.

Note: Because it’s strictly textual content, SMS additionally works for translating text-to-voice for textual content-enabled landlines.

What is MMS? What Does MMS Mean?

Over The Top Messaging

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is the usual way to send pix, audio, video, and other media documents to and from cell telephones throughout mobile networks. And also, MMS permits you to ship pix and up to one,600 person messages. Additionally, MMS way photograph message, multimedia message and PXT.

What is RCS? What does RCs Mean?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. RCS is the new general of messaging an excellent way to update SMS and MMS because of the default for all messaging.

However, RCS makes it speedy and easy to ship more fantastic data in a message. This method has richer textual content capabilities, high-resolution pics and motion pictures, and plenty more.

What is the Difference Amongst SMS and MMS?

SMS and MMS both suggest textual content messaging. And also, SMS and MMS messages each get sent over the standard wi-fi cell networks. They each require a textual content plan from your wireless service, and almost all mobile devices aid both SMS and MMS.


The difference between SMS and MMS is that SMS is textual content-simplest. It’s all about the form of content material you could send. MMS are pics, video, media, and text. Because of the extended person duration, MMS messages generally tend to fee greater than SMS messages.


  • SMS limits characters to one hundred sixty per message
  • MMS limits characters to one, 600 in step with a message (text best)
  • SMS only supports text
  • MMS supports text and media
  • MMS costs greater than SMS

How is OTT Distinct from RCS?

Over-The-Top Messaging Apps or OTT messaging from diverse non-public tech enterprises gives extra or less the equal rich capabilities as RCS with one main exception – OTT Messages need to set up externally. Apart from that, there are some other differences between the two.


Discovery and getting the right of entry to WhatsApp and different OTT Messaging apps is feasible best if the consumer is already privy to the emblem and has formerly used their services. In the case of RCS messaging chatbots, users can discover and feature the capability to get entry to the chatbots of manufacturers that they’re already aware of and gain admission to the chatbots of groups that they’ve in no way interacted with previously via the bot keep. Users have to enter these chatbots from websites, social media pages or other sources.


OTT messaging apps develop by using diverse non-public tech organizations without retaining the cell community operators in the loop of such channels’ improvement & protection procedure. RCS Business desires assistance from various carriers and countries to enable it on customers’ telephones, which offers reassurance of the safety and security of the users’ data. Likewise, RCS Business Messaging deploys on positive networks in favorable international locations that increase law and safety checks within the process. OTT apps, including WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, no longer have set tactics.

Standardization of Person Interface:

Since RCS Business Messaging use at the local messaging app, the user interface of RCS standardize across devices and carrier networks. The design of the conversational go with the flow might also vary, but the appearance and experience may additionally remain the same in maximum cases. It is not the case for OTT Messaging apps, as everyone differs significantly from any other. WhatsApp, for instance, calls for an enterprise-wide variety to connect. In contrast, on Facebook Messenger, a consumer can go to the Facebook page and start the interplay with the commercial enterprise.

How is RCS distinct from SMS?

RCS is the new SMS. It is known as so as it grants rich and attractive messages on the default app, just like SMS.

Rich Media:

SMS can send messages over undeniable text, whereas RCS permits sending messages with logo logos, counselled motion buttons, wealthy cards and carousel pix, among many different capabilities. It makes RCS Business Messaging an awful lot more user-friendly and attractive to apply compared to standard SMS.


RCS Business Messaging API’s can assist offer use-case precise automatic conversational solutions to brands. SMS does now not offer such tailor-made business messaging solutions to manufacturers. And also, these automated conversational chatbots have two-manner communications. Replies for customers generate in a quick automatic reply layout from the chatbot. It is another essential distinguishing thing between RCS Business Messaging & SMS as SMS does no longer provide an API for automated solutions to build on it.


Character Boundaries:

SMS has a problem of a hundred and sixty characters, and most external a hyperlink can be brought to it that redirects the user out of the messaging app. RCS Business Messaging, however, has no such man or woman limits. Still, it may redirect users from the messaging app if they interact by clicking on the button.


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