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Who Was Lewis Gratz Fell? Lewis Gratz Fell’s Net Worth Before Death?

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Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman, as the title advises, delves into the extraordinarily dark and twist story of the first woman to be frame as a serial killer, with motivation on her early years in Florida. After all, that’s where the Michigan native upped her game, going from petty thief to outright manipulative and murderous, preying on everyone in her path. Lewis Gratz Fell, a wealthy tycoon, was one of the people Aileen turned to in this middle stage, so let’s find out more about her income and net worth, shall we?

How Did Lewis Gratz Fell Earn His Money?

How Did Lewis Gratz Fell Earn His Money

Although he was born on June 28, 1907, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Robert Gratz Fell and Florence Biddle Addams, Lewis Gratz Fell only made a lasting name for himself after immigrating to Florida. We don’t know much about his upbringing or early career, but we know that despite his family’s support, he was good at saving and investing. Lewis married Katherine Reeves Royce in 1928 and had a daughter with her, but the couple divorced in 1932, after which he married Elizabeth S. Carpenter and was again divorced.

In 1976, Lewis lived comfortably in Florida as a luxury yacht club president and a true socialite. To get there, the 69-year-old had spent years offering boat trips to the area’s rich and famous while he made sure to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities. He was undoubtedly well aware of the dangers of working in such companies, but as a tycoon, he most likely adopted the “higher risk, higher return” attitude.


Lewis’s position as president of a yacht club demonstrated his taste for the finer things in life and his organizational skills and attention to detail. He did everything from organizing and managing meetings to assigning work and working as a promoter, representative, and facilitator to oversee all club operations. Perhaps that’s why Aileen Wuornos, then 20, married him shortly after they first met in the summer of 1976, only for their marriage to survive nine weeks.

What Was Lewis Gratz Fell’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death?

What Was Lewis Gratz Fell's Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Lewis Gratz Fell was an unwitting and innocent victim of Aileen Wuornos, who assaulted him with his cane but survived. He lived for almost 24 years after filing for a restraining order and having his marriage annulled, dying of natural causes on January 6, 2000, at 92. His net worth was estimate to be between $2 million and $5 million. At that time, he continued his employment and maintained his status for as long as possible.

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