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How to Create A Website for a Wedding

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create a website for a wedding, the great day in which love and commitment are celebrated, a day that should be shared with friends and family. But, as lovely as it sounds, organizing an event like this is stressful and requires excellent organizational skills and patience; or go to a professional wedding planner.

Whether you are organizing it yourself or with the help of a professional. There is something that will save you more than a headache. It is as simple as “clicking” and creating a personalized wedding web page where you can add all the details.

To Create A Wedding Website, Follow These Simple Steps

Choose A Template

Choose A Template

First things first, before thinking about what to put on a wedding website, you must choose the design it will have. Are they one of those classic and sophisticated couples surrounded by glamour, or is their style more bohemian and casual. We have hundreds of free wedding templates to choose from, whatever your style. Please take a look at our wedding and party templates and get inspire.

In addition, depending on your needs, you can choose between creating a complete web page that includes every last detail of the wedding (including a section with your love story) or simply a landing page with the most critical data (day, time, place and dress code).

Customize It to Your Liking

Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to customize it. From the color scheme to the fonts, you can modify each element of your page to give it your personal touch. And make it look amazing with the wedding theme. Be sure to update contact information, share the location of the wedding venue, and make it more personal by adding photos of the happy couple. Then, as the big day draws near, you can add some excitement by including a countdown clock.

To make it look even more spectacular, create a custom wedding logo and add it to your wedding website and invitation. You can create a beautiful logo with the couple’s initials in just a few clicks without being a professional designer.

Add the Important Details – What to Put on A Wedding Website?

If you don’t know what kind of content your wedding website wants, here are some excellent ideas to get you started:

Your Names and Wedding Date

This information should go in a prominent place on the site. Even if you don’t have any more details planned, this can be the start of the wedding website and add more information as planning progresses.

Location and Transportation Information

Add the address and name of the place where the event will be (you can even add a map from Google Maps to help guests find it). In addition, it adds information on accommodation transportation for guests coming from out of town. Think of anything that could be useful to them, from the nearest airport to their top recommendations at the destination.

Dress Code

Help your guests look amazing! Include a section that specifies whether your event is casual, formal, black tie, or themed. If you have more events planned for your wedding day, also mention the dress code for each of them.

Complete Timeline

Detail the exact time of the wedding and any other events before or after it. If you have arranged designated transportation services, mention transportation times and meeting points.

Information on Other Events

Do you plan a whole weekend of events before the wedding? Sounds like a super plan. To keep you and your guests organize and not get lost in all the happenings. You can create individual events with the event planner tools for each occasion, which show the date, time, and the option to RSVP. This way, everyone will know what’s planned for the event of the year (your wedding!).

Send the Wedding Invitation

One of the most exciting moments in planning a wedding is when you send out the invitations. At this moment, it feels like the event is near. Impress your guests with a perfect wedding invitation that they won’t be able to say, I won’t be at.”

Forget the days when you had to reserve a large part of your budget to hire a graphic designer who could translate your dreams into your wedding invitation. Today, you can create a beautiful invitation with our email marketing tool. You have to choose from a wedding invitation template , adapt the text, and add your images. Once they’re ready to be sent, add your contact list, customize the email details, and hit send.

Keep Track of your Guests

Creating a wedding guest list is time-consuming and often quite frustrating. Thankfully, thanks to the Event Planner, that time is made more bearable. You can manage all your RSVPs by turning on either individual notifications or a daily list of all guests who have accepted or declined. Plus, you’ll be able to send confirmation emails after guests have responded to your invitation and a reminder of the event as the date draws closer.

Put your Memories in Order

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! After the celebrations, your wedding website will serve as an album. To share amazing photos and videos with your friends and family. Look at these ideas of how to create your wedding website a trunk of memories:

  • Add a digital picture album: Once your professional wedding photographer sends you the photos, add a photo album to your website to share with guests and loved ones who couldn’t attend.
  • Sync with social media feeds: Automatically display your wedding photos and videos from your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram on your website by adding an app automatically.
  • Livestream your ceremony: There are always some guests who can’t make it to the wedding; for them, Livestream the ceremony directly from your website. In this way, people will be able to see the ceremony in real-time, and the video will be save to view at any time.

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