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Android: How to Recover Deleted Files from it?

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In android, files we use so much that it is practically part of our life ecosystem, so much so that in these, we store any number of documents, photos, files, videos, programs and other things that are very important to us. But things usually happen when they are least expected; considering that most of us have an Android phone, it is not exempt from giving us surprises.

In these circumstances, when we lose this information stored on the phone, we consider everything lost, and of course, we always tend to look for solutions when this happens. Whether to recover deleted photos and videos from Android with apps or any scenario, that is the solution we are looking for. But is this possible to do. In this, we will investigate what we can do to get our data back

What is the Way to Recover Photos and Videos from an Android?

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In these cases, we should always check if we use backups with Google drive and have our data in the cloud, an external hard drive or a computer where we could enter our files, but if you do not have any backup, rest assured that there may be solutions for this what happens to you This happens to many people daily. It is as if a range of possibilities has opened up for those who see opportunities in crises.

First of all, you should know that the system takes what is actually “deleted”; it does not eliminate it; it treats it as a space that was no longer use; for this reason, when saving new information, it places it on top of it, that is, it rewrites it by that what is recommended is that you do not add more files for the moment leave it still, this is the reason why to recover files, photos, contacts and videos after formatting is very complicated, due to the overwriting that is done to all memory.

How to Recover Files from Android SD Card?

If we know that the files were store on an SD card memory, we can recover the information through an application designed for this particular purpose. And it is that, as we mentioned before, this emergency opens a market for this need, some methods and programs help with this end.

We will see how all this is possible, recover deleted or lost files for any reason; However, we should not be careless about this; the duty to be is to be cautious and be aware of how to back up our digital files and not go through the risk of not recover any of this again, as for programs that can help us, there is Disk Drill, let’s see how it works.

With the Disk Drill App

With this application, we can recover deleted files efficiently, precisely, and innovatively. Since it gives us a preview of the files that can be retrieve before bringing them back. We can select the files we want back and which ones we want to leave behind.

The first thing we must do is download Disk Drill from the official site. We run it and proceed to perform the recovery. The first thing we are going to do is connect the phone to the PC so that the program recognizes . It will carry out a scan by giving the Run All Recovery Methods option. Then it will execute a search and give us a list to choose what we want to recover, specifying the path and clicking the Recover button.

How to Avoid Losing Files from an Android Mobile?

Being preventive first and foremost is the best solution we can find for any circumstance. Not just for this particular case. Storing files on a server such as Google photos is an excellent option to keep this part of our files safe. Resort to the cloud and the services offered for this type of need.

Store Files in Google Photos

As soon as you use this service, you have to download and install Google Drive; we access it with our Google account, select to make a backup copy, choose the photos, and click “Save”. In this way, everything will be safe in the case the future you need to recover the deleted files on your Android cell phone

Use a Recycling Paper

It is always good to install a recycle bin, just in case we want to delete it; we have this recovery option, considering that the container must be clean. Before that, we can check what’s there if we want something back.


It can be a frustrating or even heartbreaking experience to lose your images. Missing Photos and videos can be lost forever from your Android device. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to protect those precious memories.

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