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What is Public Administration? – Structure, Objective, and More

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The Public Administration arises to fulfill a fundamental purpose; such function is to establish and promote a close relationship between the political power or Government and the people. The main components of the Public Administration are public institutions and officials.

It should be note that the concept of Public Administration fundamentally depends on the treatment approach with which it is studied. In the first place, this is viewed from a legal perspective. Thus, it proceeds from the Government or entity that has received political power, employing all the necessary means to achieve the satisfaction of the common good. The other perspective of conception can be view from a material point of view. It is how it is consider in terms of its management problems.

Structure of the Public Administration

Structure of the Public Administration

According to the task to be carry out, this Administration is base on a bureaucratic structure organized in different areas, such as ministries, secretariats, and other specialize agencies.

Each area is governed by a representative designate by the Government in power and must maintain the chain of command establish for the entire region. The bureaucratic system allows the same methodology and procedures to be implement in the different areas to provide the same service to society.

The Objective of the Public Administration

The purpose of the Public Administration is to skillfully and transparently administer and manage the State’s resources, both material and human, so that it can satisfy the essential needs of society.

State resources can made up of assets and assets collect from a country’s population and, therefore, are called public resources.

Through this Administration, the State is responsible for collecting, organizing, and redistributing citizens resources so that the population has everything they need to live and develop in a dignified manner.

This Administration, which the Executive Power regulates, regulates the activities of citizens through social and tax regulations and of the private sectors through economic and tax laws.

Functions of the Public Administration

The primary task of this administration is the management of state efforts or of the various companies and institutions that make up the State to guarantee effective compliance with:

  • The satisfaction of the minimum needs of citizens.
  • The safeguarding of the internal order of the nation.
  • Guarantee the bureaucratic, hierarchical, and informative relations that maintain a social, political, and citizen system are operating.

Examples of Public Administration

  • The measures to cut back and downsize the State were carry out by neoliberal governments. Especially during the 1990s in Latin America layoffs of public workers, the merger of ministries, etc.
  • Under this management model, the enlargement of the State is carry out by the socialist governments . As they expropriate private companies and properties that become state assets.

Public and Private Administration

Although many of their processes may be similar, public administration and private administration differ in the following:


While the public administration provides a service to the community, the private one pursues clear profit goals.


The public administration depends financially on the State. However, it may provide certain services to third parties depending on its nature, while the private one is due entirely to private capital and donations.


Both are legal, of course, but the public one is endow with powers by law. In contrast, the private one is monitor and supervised by the principles of what is establish in the law. And the public organisms are in charge, among other things, of guaranteeing that this is the case.


While the administration obeys the Government’s guidelines (as long as they do not contradict the laws of the State). The remote administration retains a more significant margin of independence.

Public Administration and Political Science

The formal study of political science usually goes hand in hand with that of public administration for a simple reason. The different models of Government or political management that man has devised throughout history have made themselves felt more than anything in the way of disposing of public goods and services, since a government, from a certain point of view, is nothing more than a specific way of using the State: its laws, its institutions, and its social, civic and economic tasks


Public administration is the execution of policy, government establishment supervision non-profit establishment management, and an academic discipline that studies this.

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